The kids had their first swim meet this Thursday….and well it lasted a mere 30 minutes.  We got the 2 lengths warm up in and then the evening thunder rolled in and bam…we sat in the car for the better part of an hour waiting for them to call the meet.  We will try again on Tuesday.

Yesterday I had my last LONG LONG ride (I think) and it was HOT.  I met a new friend Yasi from NJ and  we set off to ride 100 hilly miles.  Riding with a companion makes the time go by SO much faster.  We headed up to the lake to circle a couple of times.  Here is the view from the Nock
the waterfalls at lake nockamixon, hancock pa
The climb up to the ridge is fun and this is a great reward.  We made great time and rolled into our first stop to grab cold water and hit the bathrooms.  As we headed out…I realized I had a flat…DOH…we stopped and changed it…I used both of my CO2 to get it inflated…so I was hopeful we were going to make it back..we were a good 30 miles from the house.  We made our way around the lake again and low and behold my tire was flat AGAIN.
So we stopped at a auto repair center to see if they could inflate it and that was a loss..I used Yasi’s CO2 and inflated it for the last time and then we headed back towards home.  I was thinking that the sitter might have to pick us up and haul us all home if it went flat again.   Luckily it stayed inflated and we headed to Peace Valley,
At this point, we were wishing we could jump in the lake…we rode Peace Valley Park,
there is some awesome climbing on the back side of the lake…it was not so awesome at mile 80 of our ride but we managed to get it done.  The killer was the ice cream truck passing at mile 90 and we had been talking about popsicles for quite some time.  All in all it was good, we rolled into our house with 100 miles in the books!  
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GoBigGreen · June 29, 2013 at 3:54 pm

Ugh on the flats! nothing like riding in fear. Glad you got it done!!

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