This face pretty much sums up our weekend.  We had great weather and Aly had just finished her first s’more of the season. 
Brianna was still working on hers.
I got to spend Sat in the Philly with Brooke and Ryan worked on the yard while the kids were playing.  It had not been mowed in 10 days so the grass was LONG!  This afternoon we built the planter boxes so this week hopefully we can get the garden in!  
I had a great week of training since we were in NH.  I was able to get up to the Mooseman course twice and experience the dreaded hills on the bike and see what the run course was like.  My parents were awesome helping out with the kids so I could get some great training in!  Thanks mom and dad.  It is hard to believe in less than a month it will be here.
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