On Sunday, I raced the Steelman Olympic.  I had not raced this distance since 2009 and I was excited for the day.  When I woke up at 4 am, it was pouring rain and super humid…great.
I arrived at the race site and went and racked my bike since it was first come first serve.  Then I went and sat in the car.  By the time it was time to set up transition the rain had stopped but the air was still really thick.
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The swim…well I would probably be in the minority to say I wish the swims were longer.  I lined up right at the buoy of the front of my wave and when the gun went off I just took off.  I was with a pack for about 400 yds and then this women pulled ahead and I decided to just stay on her feet.  Swim was 21:39 and was second fastest overall female.  Turns out the women who I drafted off of was the top swimmer and third overall.

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In the morning…they announced that they were changing the bike course to make it 24.6 miles.  Well, it ended up being 26.9.  I knew there was at least one women that catch me on the bike.  I held her off until the second loop but she did find me.  The course is two loops and rolling hills.  Bike time 1:23.41 avg 19.3 mph – that is my best yet in any tri! 


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By the run, I was ready to be done.  The sun was out, it was hot hot hot and humid.  This is a two loop course and it is along a flat bike path.  The sprint tri shared the same course so it was crowded.  I was hoping to have a great run since it was flat but the humidity was my demise I think.  Overall run was 54:38 which was 8:49 pace.  
Overall, I was second in my age group and it was a PR by 10 minutes!  So all in all a good day! 
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Marisa · August 12, 2011 at 5:25 pm

Woo hoo! Congrats on the podium finish and the smoking fast swim time! Any way I can get you to head to NH next weekend so I can follow YOUR feet at T'man? Southwest, maybe?

Kel · August 13, 2011 at 12:05 am

Nice job! How'd you feel on the run?

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