I just want to freeze time….really…we have just had such a terrific summer.


I was talking to a friend last night that had a baby, and she was talking about the milestones reached…rolling over, finding feet and all of that seems so far away…..like years.

Each time I feel like we reach milestones in parenting and I say..this is the best year yet.


We are out of diapers and strollers and everyone is self sufficient for the most part.  I can tell them to pack water bottles and snacks for the pool…and I can swim a workout, while they play.


At the same time they are still needy…I tuck them in and we still read to them…Jack at least, the girls are reading maniacs…and for the most part they still want us around…although that may be debatable with the older one.


and yet somehow I feel like summer is almost gone…maybe because we get on the road next week.  Swimteam ends and soccer starts and to me those are signs of fall and school…backpacks arrived this week…and everyone goes to school in the fall.


So enjoy everywpid-wp-1436787331225.jpeg moment….they sure go fast!

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