We are in the thick of summer swimming and the girls are having a blast.  Aly has wanted to swim on swimteam for the past year…and I have been hesitant to start her, mostly because I really want her to have fun..and I know she will but she is competitive and she likes to do well.
Slowly over the summer, they have introduced all the strokes…and Aly has been smitten with the fly for a while. In the past week every time we went to the pool, she wanted to practice and she wanted my help so she could make the length.  Last night, they entered her into the event…and I was hoping she would not get DQ’d….and she did not.  She was just so excited, to swim “the hardest one”  right.
and I know we might just be in this for the long haul.  Last night as the meet was winding down..10pm – which is just a killer.  She said – I think I found my thing mom…I just really like swimming and want to swim winter
oh boy…here we come baby

but the truth is…we have tried lots and lots of things..soccer, gymnastics, sports fun classes and she just did not love them…but she is just so fun at the pool.

so this might just be my view for the next several years…and to be perfectly honest..I am just fine with that…maybe even a little excited

and this one…she just keeps everyone laughing..not a competitive bone in her body.  She will swim for skittles and smiles.  Coach Beth was yelling from the pool deck …C’mon Brianna SWIM!!!  and she stopped and said…I AM GOING as FAST as I can!  Gotta love the honest 5 year old!

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