The odds were probably stacked against me to PR  Nevermind the fact that the I went to pick up my bib and they did not have my registration yesterday.  The really nice Race Director told me that if I handed out shirts for the hour before the race she would let me run.  YEAH!

I was supposed to meet friends Melissa and Sarah prior but I was at the shirt distribution.  It was HOT, HOT, HOT…I think like 90 with 120% humidity.  I was dripping when I was handing out shirts.  I left a little early and threw my stuff in the car.  Went to pick up my Garmin…it was dead like never going to work again dead…so off I went with my watch!  Did a quick prerace warmup and then we were off.  Thank goodness there were lots of people out with hoses. 

The first mile is uphill, then you turn around and go down hill, then you climb up the same hill but different streets again….oh by the second mile I thought I was going to puke…it was not pretty.

Hang on…I did and finished.  A PR by over a minute and a margarita and taco at the end.

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shelby · June 25, 2011 at 2:39 pm

Awesome job Stace!

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