We have a problem. The pink shoes that Aly is obsessed with. When I say obsessed, the term should not be taken lightly. Every morning when she wakes up, the shoes go on. It does not matter what the occasion, the shoes go on. We started to implement rules, you can’t wear them to the gym, or outside, only in the house. However, that has become a bigger problem.

When I was working, I tolerated the pink shoes, she would come running down the hall in the morning. It was like Corporate America in your bedroom, the click, click of the heels, and man they are loud. Then I really put them out of my mind, they would appear the moment we came home but it was only a short time before bed and bath.

The pink shoes need to disappear. Maybe it is jealousy, I never really walked well with heels, however, my 2 year old can run. No, she can sprint, in a moments notice as Brianna was trying to get her coveted lollipop this afternoon, she all out sprinted around the house waving the red lollipop. It sounded like I was in the NYC subway at rush hour. Secondly, she acts like she is wearing the most comfortable shoes around. They are plastic, they are too big, and hello, they are heels. I digress.

So now that I am home, I must begin Operation Pink Shoes Go Missing. However, I am at a loss as to where they can go. I know that I can hide them while she sleeps, but she asks relentlessly for them when they are missing. Any Ideas???????

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Jen · October 28, 2008 at 12:06 pm

Perhaps the shoe fairy needs to come and borrow them because her shoes broke and only Aly’s shoes will fit her. Maybe if you can turn it into a positive that she is helping the shoe fairy, she’ll feel good about it. Who am I kidding, she’s still going to ask for them! But it’s worth a shot – maybe if the shoe fairy brought her some ballet slippers to trade for? Anything a bit quieter would

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