Yesterday I had what I hope it my LAST really long bike ride and run.  I had a sitter come over in the afternoon so that I could get it done.  I was really really not looking forward to this ride for a variety of reasons but alas the sitter showed up so off I went.
I had not napped Jackson in anticipation of having a sitter and told her that we had gotten rid of the binky.  I was a little disheveled when she came, so I forgot to mention that he could have the binky at nap….well poor girl..Jackson never napped.   However, that was the mildest of her afternoon.
Apparently Aly and Brianna were working to terrorize this poor girl.  They told her that they could watch a certain show….cough SPONGE BOB cough.  and then they proceeded to tell her after the fact that they were not allowed to watch it.  Then at nap time, Aly threw a fit and Brianna went and hid.  Brianna hid in my closet for 20 MINUTES..without saying a word.  Apparently she scared this poor girl…who thought she had lost Brianna forever.
Needless to say, when I arrived home…5 hours later…she was ready to bolt out the door..I just kept throwing money at her saying please come back.  Hopefully she comes back next week since Ryan is away.
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