You run the risk when you head away for the weekend to Lake Placid to train….that there is going to be a disaster upon your arrival home.   Thankfully most was left intact and manageable…thank you very much Ryan. 

I do believe though…..there were an abundance of Slurpees that were had over the weekend…in fact, I was talking to Jackson on the phone on Saturday and he was not telling me to come home.  He was not telling me how much he missed his momma…he was telling me about the Slurpee that he was getting tomorrow at the Slurpee mecca Target.

Ryan has always been the financial guru in our marriage and that is what happens when you marry an actuary…but last night he broke this news…this is what he thinks our next investment might be:

Faby, Cab Two-Bowl Granita, Slushy, Margarita, Slurpee Machine. Chrome Front
Apparently Aly initiated the conversation this weekend…while they were at Costco drinking Slurpees…and now the seed has been planted.
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