October came and went….it seems like between soccer, karate, and swimming it seems like a never ending taxi service from 4-8pm….but we have also had some big changes!

ryan is HOME! – He was able to rework his schedule so he is home Mon and Fri and only traveling three days per week and only gone two nights…so that has been SUPER awesome to have him around more. He has also been coaching Brianna’s select soccer team which they are both enjoying and we are all enjoying living in the same house for once!


the pool – of course..I have been doing a short swim focus in the fall season for a meet in December.  I am swimming twice a week with Masters or the high school and the rest alone…and it is no surprise that I heart the pool and my swiim is coming along for Masters racing.


the nike odessey – I ran in the same shoe and insert combo for the past 5 years.  Right before IMLP, I debated changing….I did not but I did play around with a bunch post ironman.  So Nike came out with this shoe and I have been loving running in it…I have not run long and that will be the deciding factor for me.


fun with friends – we have put aside most of the solo training in favor of fun rides with friends and social activities.  I was able to be a bike escort for the Rock N Roll, we have gotten to volunteer for a bunch of local races and it has been fun to watch my athletes finish their seasons.



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