This weekend was the Shelton Triathlon. After the disappointment of St. Anthony’s in April, I had decided to register for the Shelton Tri when I returned.

When the swim was cancelled in FL, I knew that I wanted to complete a full triathlon this summer. The Shelton course was hard. The swim was a loop in the river, I think that I heard that the temp was just under 70 for the morning.

I was 6th out of the water for the women, I felt good and was anxious to get on my bike. The bike course is really challenging – the first 4 miles is a 1000 foot elevation climb. I thought I held my own, and felt okay. Then mile 6 I got a flat. Seriously, could it not have gone my way once.

I fixed the flat – 20 minute delay. Finished the course in 3:10. I really wanted to break 3 hours, but that did not happen.

I came home a registered for the Hy-Vee in Iowa in two weeks. So one week of hard training and then I will rest again in hopes that the third one I can make it through.


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Tarawilky · June 15, 2009 at 7:09 pm

I am fully confident you will succeed all three legs in the next race merely to say it happened in IOWA!!! I also loved the post from Friday. It's so awesome to see the girls really playing with each other. Hugs to both and miss you too.

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