We are back in PA…after a quick trip to NH…we headed to StoryLand with the cousins…and if I never see another twisty ride again, I will be okay!

I would bet that it was the whales that did me in…
and most certainly the turtle tilt a whirl that did Shelley in…I am pretty sure this will be the last solo girls trip to StoryLand..by the end of the morning the adults were too ill to ride with the not tall enough children.
Best of all we put them all to bed in one room…any guesses on who stayed up the latest.  It might have been a tie between Jack and Lyla..but Jack managed to manuever his pack and play over to the door and open it…so he could see what was going on in the other room.
We did get to visit with Cinderella….which made Aly’s day!
We are off to the beach next week!
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