I am fairly certain my child bearing days are OVER.  I don’t know if I can handle another Jackson.  No joke…this kid is just no joke.  In the picture above he is happily sitting on top of the table at the Crayola Factory….where you are supposed to be sitting nicely and coloring.   Not so much..in fact I think he was lauching the crayons across the table trying to get them from one bin into another.

I think throwing crayons might have resulted in the immediate dismissal from that room.  While we moved on….he ate the model magic clay – good thinkg crayola makes everything non toxic.  He might have also ripped several art masterpieces created by the older sisters.  This resulted in tears from my drama queen and attempts at a serious beating from the middle child.
In fact, I think it was yesterday and today that just might have pushed me across the WE ARE DONE line for the final time.  Last night while spreading topsoil in our yard,  Jackson came to help.  The girls were raking nicely and I gave him a rake as well.  He took the rake and threw it and proceeded to sit down and roll in the dirt.  In the ears, in the mouth and all over…black from head to toe…and smiling throughout it all.
This morning I was downstairs and Jackson was standing on the upstairs balcony.  Quite recently, he has thought that it might be fun to throw things over the balcony.  Diapers, towels, random things that he finds just come flying over….no warning and no concern for what is below.
I was pleasantly greeted this morning with a running shoe to the head as I came out from getting laundry.  If you come visit please have your own insurance…..
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donna furse · July 28, 2011 at 9:52 pm

I really don't mean to laugh but I have 4 kids and three of them are boys, 9,8,7 and 5. Let me tell you I've been, " done" for years and it just gets better. I've been hit with poopey diapers, running shoes, chairs over the balcony, boys are no joke they are just a different breed. Take a deep breath, give him lots of hugs and pad all your rooms.

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