Isn’t this the life???  I nursed Jackson this morning before I went out for a run.  My mom stayed with him under the umbrella and this was how I found him when I returned.  Nothing like passing out from the milk coma. 
The outdoor bar has ice cream….all day! 
The girls have made quite a few friends here.  Everyone is so suprised that they are here from America…Most of the visitors are from the UK, Scotland and Spain.  We have yet to meet another American family,  I am sure we might see some in Madrid.  While it is their quiet season here at the resort, there are still quite a few families with smaller children. 
It makes me a little sad that this is our last year of “free” traveling.  Most people look forward to their kids going to school, and next year Aly will be in kindergarten.  So this is officially our last year of not being bound by a school schedule. 
Tomorrow we head to the Teguise Market.  The largest market here in Lanzarote.  Let the shopping begin!

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Ange · October 3, 2010 at 12:10 pm

I just found your blog. That photo of your baby in a milk coma cracks me up…nursed 3 so I remember that well.
Your trip looks amazing and your kids are adorable. I'm excited to keep following you.

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