Ski season is upon is…and it is a short season here in PA.  We are lucky to get out before the new year and by late Feb it will be over.  I find that I often ride a fine line in the balance of family sport and training.  On Friday, I swam two lanes down from the kids swim team so that our workouts conicided.  With Ryan home ALL WEEK, we have tried to make this week filled with family activities.    There is certainly no energy lacking even lack of bedtime during the holidays.

On Saturday the weather was looking super to ski.  A high in the 40s and we had some cold weather the previous two days so the mountain was able to make snow.  I had training groups in the we decided to ski the late afternoon night shift.  
I got up and got on my bike super early and then ran out the door to the training group runs. We had a couple of groups going, so I was able to bounce from one to the other..and finished the morning with a friend training for a marathon…rolled back in the door in time to get the ski stuff packed.
Thankfully, I was able to get a quick 20 min nap..I was out..on the way to the slopes there was a small expresso and then I was good to go.

These guys skied HARD…the weather was warm for skiing and they were rockstars.. they did not want to come off the mountain.  Notice no pictures of Jack and Ryan..the speed demons ended the night on the terrain park…where Jack wanted to try some jumps.  Finally around 9, I called it good…my legs were fried.  Such a great time!
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Tara · December 29, 2013 at 2:02 pm

I was cold just looking at the pix! I'm glad Ry is home all week. What a treat! I just told the story about Jackson riding the banister and giving me a heart attack!

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