What a BLAST!!!!  Ryan and I figured out on the way to Toronto that 2007 was the last time when we went away together for a night without the kids….it was LOOOOOOONG overdue.  We slept, watched movies, got stopped and pulled over by border patrol, went to a great wedding, and both were excited to return home to the kiddos.

We were lucky that we traveled with some of our best friends as well.  Tanya and Gary left their kids home and made the trek from Philly to Canada with us.  Our first stop was Niagra Falls, which happened to be the first place that Ryan and I vacationed when we were dating..it was fun to be back.

We headed to Toronto and stopped at the rehersal dinner and then to our hotel.  On Sat, we went to the wedding in the morning and then to the Toronto waterfront before the reception…
We had a great time at the wedding reception.  It was a 10 course traditional Chinese meal…Ryan was in his glory…jelly fish, shark fin soup, fish with the heads on them, conch…the list goes on.
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