It is really weird not to be posting about my kids, but since they are in NH having an absolute blast I guess I am okay with it. I did talk to Aly briefly this afternoon but she informed me that she was busy eating a donut – hmmm.
We have had a couple of training swims and rides since we arrived yesterday afternoon. The swims have both been very different. The first one the water was calm and it was really warm. This morning we woke up to really choppy water – 2 foot waves and a much different bay scenario. Tomorrow calls for 89 and who knows what the water will be like.
We biked the run course this afternoon and it was flat – there is nothing this flat in CT. It is a pretty residential run by the water with a little shade. Considering I am planning to be running around 11:30 shade is an important thing.
We are up at 4 am tomorrow to set up our transitions – I am so excited. The Team in Training program has been exceptional.

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Tarawilky · April 25, 2009 at 10:20 pm

Thanks for posting because I am thinking a lot about you this weekend. I am glad to hear the event is going so well! Good luck and I am proud of you.

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