Here is the weather for the next two days…

97 °F Partly CloudyTonight

74 °F Partly CloudyTomorrow

99 °F Chance of T-storms

I am fairly certain after these two days we will never be moving to a tropical climate (cough HONG KONG).  Even Ryan said last night…this is just plain ridiculous.

On the schedule for this morning from the coach was a 3 hour ride and a half hour run.  I left the house at 5:30, planning to loop so that I could replace fluid and make sure the babysitter arrived so that Ryan could go to work.  I think it was 82 when I left…it was not too bad since the sun was not out.

Arrived back at home after 1.5 hours and pulled in right behind the babysitter – she was a superstar for coming at 7:15 am.  Replaced my fluids and was off again.  This loop was hotter and the roads were busy with morning traffic.  A mile from home I got a flat tire…big surprise…I decided it was not worth the 20 minute delay in changing it….the heat was here to stay.  I filled it will CO2 and rode it home.  It was flat again when I arrived but at least I was home.

The bike overall was not too bad, riding by all the farms reminded me of Iowa.  Those animals STINK in this weather..well really all the time.  The run was not soo fun my legs were pretty done from the bike.  Soon it was over, I got home and the kids were ready to go go go.  It is too hot to play outside so we found a bunch of “new” indoor toys that I had hidden from birthdays and Christmas.  

Tonight we are headed to an outdoor play as long as it is a little cooler.  If not we may head to the pool 😉

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Kel · July 22, 2011 at 5:54 pm

Its gorgeous up in LP. You'll feel much better this weekend.

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