Last week I returned home from a week in Tucson.  It was a great week away, training with friends and getting outside after this brutal winter.  Some highlights include:




– Precamp a la Julia….we headed to climb Madera Canyon and it was such a nice ride.  We staying with Julia’s mother in law and it was so nice.  The ride was super and it was nice to do some climbing early.

– My camp roommates….the best!  I met Melissa and Jen for the first time and got reunited with Caroline!  It was great to have a condo to share and we had many laughs

– wpid-IMG_20140411_134605_537.jpg


– The climbing never disappoints!  We rode Gates Pass which was a new ride for me this year and it was really stunning coming down the backside.

– wpid-IMG_20140413_080535_343.jpg

– Running Sabino Canyon is always nice but super technical.  More of a hike up than a run….we stopped to take pictures and Jen was yelling the whole time to get moving 😉  Ahh we need to remember the views and the heat when we return to the cold northeast!



– We did TT up Mt. Lemmon on the last day….I don’t think many of us really wanted to get back on the bike at that point.  However it was fine and we might have used a special chamois creme that made the ride worthwhile.

All in all a great week of training in the books and looking forward to the 2014 season!

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Julia Weisbecker · April 23, 2014 at 10:19 pm

Dang you are concise:) Cant wait for 2015 Pre camp and camp, and you should ship your bike next time. Just sayin. or that guy at GV bike is going to get your number and ask you on a date!

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