I did the UMLY Sprint Tri yesterday.  It was WINDY and COLD.  But before I do my little race recap of course I have a funny story about the kids.

When I got home it was so nice out I packed them all up and took them to the park.  There is a little park near our house that has a little dirt track around the play equipment.  The girls played for a while and I had Jackson on the swings. 

Then all of the sudden Aly lines up at the track and annouces that they are starting the half marathon soon so everyone needs to line up to race.  Brianna runs over and they do one lap of the track.  When they get to the end I announced that they each won for the 3 and 5 year olds.  We get home and Brianna lets Ryan know she ran a half marathon and won – crack me up.

Okay onward to my triathlon.  The swim was in an outdoor heated pool.  The forcast said a high of 60 – so at 7 am it was about 48 out.  Ummmm – that was chilly.  Coach Mary had written a prerace warmup – which I did about 15 minutes before the start of my swim wave.  The problem arose when they were late with the start.  40 minutes late…I froze.  On that pool deck waiting for them to start – it seemed like eternity.

We finally got in the water and were off.  The first 200 seemed like a warmup…but I never really got that warm, and then it was done 7:18 for 450 meters  Boo – getting out of the water was the worst.  The transition to the bikes was about .4 mile from the pool.  I think that was my fastest run of the day because I knew I had a dry shirt.

Onto the bike…which has been not that fun lately.  I got on and started off..it was hard to change the gears since my hands were so cold.  The ride was a loop through the ritzy mainline area, rolling hills, and plenty of wind.  I just kept hoping that the sun would come up.  I still need to learn how to ride up hills as it seemed every hill that came I thought I might fall over on my bike.  I headed back to the Y and was hoping that my legs would cooperate for the run.  Bike was 30.04.

The run…honestly my feet were numb when I got off the bike – I think I need toe warmers.  It took almost 2 miles to feel my feet and that was a weird sensation.  I have been working hard on my running, so I had high hopes for this.  The run was hilly and by the end I just wanted to be dry and warm.  26.31 for the run

Overall my time was 1:07.56 and I was 2nd in my age group and 5th overall women.  I was happy with this.  Initally I thought I had placed better but got the results online today.  Honestly this was really the first time I have really raced and I think only the third sprint I have ever done. 

Mooseman is next….I just better like my bike a little more!

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