The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is starting to get a little eager for the snow to hit.  Off season seemed to have ended long ago and I am working on strengthening my weaknesses.  As we headed north for the holidays, we were welcomed with some of the best holiday weather in a LONG time.



All with a little balance of work and family… this past week I unplugged from data and did workouts outside the box.

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It resulted in a lot of super hiking in NH….we hiked the Madame Sherri forest trail and North Pack Monadnock.  Both were solid days in the mountains, that used much different climbing muscles than swim, bike run.  I ran a bunch through trails and with friends in CT.  I left the Garmin at home and just ran by feel.  This is the way that I enjoy running, not tied to heart rate or specific limiters. I think it is important to step away every not and then and enjoy the process of the work and not all of the data.

I did some super crazy strength work with my sister….who is a beast…and seriously I said no to more than half of what she was asking…more out of fear of killing myself .  She did manage to get me on the double bosu squat though….it was a little dicey for sure.


On Friday, all the stars aligned and we had fantastic weather….in NH in late November it was 60….last year we were skiing with no power. So off on the bike we went.


Last but most important…we were able to catch up with some very important family members…who were eager to hang with the Philly crew

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and back to reality we go.

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