Spring flew by and summer is moving fast….so a couple little updates on our crazy CLAN!!!



Jackson graduates from preschool and does not end up in reform school…I call that  #winningparenting!


This crazy crew is ready for SUMMER!!!!  We had a great year with both Aly and Bri and we were sad to say goodbye to both of their teachers.  Aly spent the last few weeks building this bridge for a project.  It needed to hold 5lbs..and I told Ryan that he was in charge.. she obviously thought that was a ton of FUN!!


In true Ryan fashion….he thought they might just see how much weight these bridges could hold…so he set out to build a masterpiece that would hold well over 100lbs..and  well Aly is not 100lbs but I did stand on that sucker and it did hold me…so MISSION accomplished..



Since then we have been enjoying the garden and the farm share…we have been enjoying the fruit and veggies that we have gotten.



Always a clown…..


and for the most part this SUMMER…. you will find us here..

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