We are back in town..and we leave tommorrow.  All of us
Yep, 7 kids en route to Atlantic City for a couple of days!  Life is rough I know.  While we were back for 2 days we picked from the garden…and we got.
One monster zucchini…my friend Tanya gave me a plant last minute and this is what it grew!
So in an attempt to use what we had before we left again we made these for snack
Baked Zucchini fries…Jack loved them..the girls thought they were okay.  With 11 mouths to feed this week – they disappeared.  So did these
Zucchini brownies…umm not my favorite.  The kids liked them with ice cream for dessert and I knew it would probably be a stretch but I needed many recipes to use our stash.    I am sure they might be gone before we leave in the am.
Until then….Jack is still busy doing this..
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