Sometimes everything goes so smoothly and you think, man having two kids really is not all that bad. And then in an hour BAM!! that thought changes to why did I ever have two children.

First never go to the grocery store directly from preschool – it apparently results in all out Terror. Aly needed to use the potty after every aisle. Brianna insisted on throwing everything within her reach out of the cart. Apparently lots of outside running to ensure my children were tired was not on the agenda for school.

I don’t understand why people think I am not being serious when they tell me that my kids are so cute and I ask them if they would like them for the afternoon. Somehow they always just laugh and keep going.

We arrived home and being the smart mom that I am, I set the eggs and my coffee on the top of the car to ensure that they did not get damaged during the stampede into the house. Only to have Aly show me how she can not shut the door – I thought the door might fall off but luckily I escaped that and only lost my eggs and my coffee – apparently ceramic and cement do not love each other.

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Jen · June 3, 2009 at 11:52 am

I hope the night was better than the day…there must be something in the air – Josh is being a nudge too…hang in there!

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