We had our first weekend at home with no visitors for the summer…and I think it might be the only one!  We picked a bunch of vegetables from the garden and went to work!!!

Eight loaves of blueberry zucchini bread later and some vegetable chili…we were good for a while.  Somehow when I went to put the bread in the freezer, we were already missing one…hmmm

We took the kids to the pool since it has been so hot and Aly passed her deep water test.  So she hit the waterslides.  Brianna wanted to try…and bless her heart she did not want to give up!  She is close to making the length but she is only 4…and she needs a little more endurance.  Poor thing was determined she did not want to quit!

Jack…he just enjoyed having his daddy all to himself! 

I did get in to help with the swim tests…and I swam with Bri for a while after so she could practice…but other than that I have been laying low…I got hit with a nasty upper respiratory infection and it is not letting up.
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