Our weekend FLEW by but it was tons of fun.  I got out for a long ride most of the day on Friday and then a bunch of girls came over from Aly’s school for a little transition clinic.  They have a little triathlon at the end of the school year here and Aly really wanted to do it.
Of course, there is not class or club and the kids are kind of left on their own.  900 kids signed up for this event…WOWZA and it is so awesome that they are doing things like this for kids.   Our girls are little still, even if they want to be big and I want them to have fun fun fun.  So we set up the hose, their  bikes and we rode and ran around our little neighborhood.
Tons of fun and some good little lessons!   We had popsicles for the finish and we are hoping to do this a few more times so that the day is not intimidating for them.

We had huge events at Fleet Feet all weekend and it was so much fun to organize and be a part of everything but I am SUPER glad that this was the culmination.  We had a tri training group for the first time this year and they did awsome.  They had a little sprint race this morning and the weather was really yucky…but these guys stuck it out and it was a blast.  It was so fun to help them with swimming and all things triathlon.  
and while I am sad that it is over…I am ready for the focus to be Placid for the next few months.  

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