Where has January gone…..well the swimming pool of course!   Not me either…the kids are finishing up their first winter swimming and we are seeing improvement…or there has been some major sandbagging along the way.


This weekend I was officiating and I stopped by and told Brianna to swim hard like a cheetah and I would give her a treat…the girl took 13 seconds off her 25 free….which means she has certainly been in no rush..and at 6 I think that is just perfect.  I gave her $1 for the snack bar…and well I started a little war.  Aly was upset that Brianna took so much time off and the bets started occurring.

Aly is close to breaking 20 seconds…tonight she wanted to talk strategy.  My little girl who is more into her American Girl doll is not about to be out done by her little sister.  So we will see how this weekend unfolds.

We have also been LOVING this:  Man you can make anything in this sucker!!!  We have made soup, smoothies, nut butters….and the list goes on!


Happy January









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Tara · January 17, 2014 at 3:12 am

Brianna would probably let Aly win if Aly agreed to give her a treat too. Let’s see when Aly figures that out : )

Stephanie · January 19, 2014 at 11:23 pm

I agree this month is going by in a blink. Craziness. Yummmm love butternut squash soups

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