We are most certainly blowing bubbles in our pjs in the middle of the afternoon.  One of those roll with the punches type of days.  NOT ONE KID napped today…and if this is the story of my week, where o where is Friday.
When I picked up the girls this morning from preschool Brianna’s teacher pulled me aside.  Apparently Brianna had gone after Aly out on the playground.  She had one of those velcro mitts that you catch balls with and she proceeded to rub it in Aly’s hair.  Oh dear…it took 3 teachers to get the think out and my drama queen was hysterical over losing her Rapunzel like hair.  Brianna’s teacher who had Aly last year commented that one could go to Yale while the other one is in jail.
Here is to a great start to the week!
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