These are old pictures…..I think when Ryan came back from one of his trips this summer.
Its amazing sometimes that we are married….it is a long standing joke that for someone as smart as Ryan (he is really smart and he doesn’t read this which is another post in itself) he can just says things that make you want to go….. REALLY did you just say that.
Tonight was one of those nights…..Ryan wanted meat – like the midwest meat – pulled pork, ribs, you name it.
I don’t do beef or midwest meat, we agreed a long time ago that I cook 99% of the meals at our house so I pick the menu.  So when he wants it we go out. 
 So off we went on a Friday night with the kids in search of a good steakhouse.  We were loading the car and he says – if they wear there jackets they won’t fit in the car seats. Huh?  Are you kidding me?  ADJUST the straps…..its cold here.  Well nothing compares to Iowa cold…I agree that it gets cold there but seriously our kids need jackets here too.
I respond…people are not going to think your smart when I post that story on my blog.  He laughs and says I will have to pay him to use his thoughts…oh man is he on a roll
We find a place that will fulfill his burning desire for meat…..Chili, then ribs and then pulled pork, with mashed potatoes and garlic bread as sides.  After all he tells me – it takes work to look this good.
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